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How Does our Sponsorship Program Work?

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For just $10.00 AU per month ($120.00 AU per annum), you can give life-changing education and support to a child in a rural community in Cambodia!

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via GiveNow or PayPal

We want our sponsorship program to be a personal experience for both the Donor and the Sponsored Child.  

After making your donation to the program, a child will be allocated to you and we will send a profile and photo of the child for you to keep.  An update of the child's progress will be provided through the year and you will have an opportunity to continue sponsorship of the same child in the next year.  We wish to assure you that you will be the only sponsor for your allocated child.  You are welcome to sponsor several children if you wish.

When making your payment, you can elect to make a one off contribution of $120 (per child) for the year or recurring monthly contributions of $10 (per child) per month.  You will be able to select the recurring option during the payment process. 

All contributions by Donors and Sponsors will be properly receipted and acknowledged.  Transparent records are kept and relevant updates about the program will be added to our website.  Contributors to our programs and projects will be able to see updates and track progress through the website and Facebook page.

It doesn't take much to change the course of a child's life and give hope, inspiration and personal empowerment to build a brighter future.

The children and families in our sponsorship program live in a cycle of poverty and hardship.  Your contribution of $10.00 AU per month or $120.00 AU per annum will provide a child with access to vital education and a chance to improve their lives, their communities and their country.  Help a child with the gift of education and be rewarded in the knowledge that you are helping someone to develop, grow and smile with a life of new possibilities.

GiveNow and PayPal Payment Options

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Give the Gift of Education

Payments can be made through GiveNow or PayPalGiveNow passes the full amount of your donation on to BBFF if the payment is made directly from your bank account.  However, it will charge you a small surcharge for payments made by credit card (currently 0.99% for Visa/MasterCard and 1.43% for Amex), which is deducted from your donation before it is received by us.  PayPal deducts a fee of 2.7% from your donation regardless of the payment method, meaning that we will receive less than your donated amount.   For further information, please visit the GiveNow and PayPal websites.  Unfortunately, BBFF does not have any control over these third party fees.

  • all the essentials your sponsored child needs for a year at school...uniforms, shoes, books, writing materials, water bottles and a backpack
  • food support to families at key festival times during the year
  • a fund that can provide additional support programs such as health checks for children, hygiene awareness education, additional teacher resources or improvements to the learning environment, subject to amounts available


The children in our sponsorship program live in a small rural community near Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Most of their parents, grandparents and guardians have little or no education and many are unable to read or write.  There are more than 75 impoverished families in the community, with many classified extremely poor and requiring emergency assistance.  Unfortunately, there are no government support services for families such as these so the help of charities and NGOs for healthcare, education and food assistance is vitally important.  For the children caught in the poverty cycle, receiving an education is an unattainable dream, leaving them targets for exploitation and abuse as they try to find ways to survive.

In Cambodia, the school year commences in October and ends the following July. There are complex issues preventing poor children from attending school with any regularity, but there is no doubt that lack of ability to pay for school-related costs is a key issue for families living in poverty.  Relieving economic pressure on families by subsidising schooling costs is a relatively simple start in the process and makes a dramatic difference.

Siem Reap has many opportunities in hospitality, tourism and associated service industries that have the potential to provide much employment and prosperity to Cambodia's population.  Unfortunately, a significant percentage of Cambodia's children live in such dire poverty that they will never be able to capitalise on these opportunities because they cannot obtain even a basic education.  Without some outside support, these children will have no chance of improving their living circumstances and breaking the poverty cycle.  Not only is this detrimental to the future of Cambodia's children, but it is also detrimental to the positive and sustainable development of the Country and its communities.

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