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Here are some links to completed projects and programs.  Also feel free to check out our Gallery  where we have lots of photos. 

We thank our generous donors for helping us to make these important improvements.

Playgrounds for School

Whiteboards for Classrooms

New School Pond and Football Field

Solar Light Globe Program

Give safe, clean drinking water to a family and improve their health and living conditions.

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help where THE


Thank you to all of our Donors...!

Make a Difference to the Living Conditions of Families...

Help us to improve the living conditions of impoverished families and build a stronger, healthier, more sustainable community.

All donations are properly receipted and acknowledged.  Transparent records are kept and contributors to our programs and projects will be able to track progress through the website and Facebook page.

Our Accountability


Your donation will be used where it makes the greatest difference to families in poverty.

Poverty in rural communities not only arises from lack of education, but also from lack of basic facilities and services, such as clean water, healthcare services, sanitation/waste systems.  

BBFF facilitates programs and projects that help to improve basic living conditions, services and literacy within our communities.  By supporting this work, you will help to build hope and improved opportunities for the families in our communities.​​

Choose one of our program's below, or make a general donation above...

In order to undertake many of these new programs, ongoing support will be needed.  If you are interested in helping with the logistics, planning of or fundraising for new projects, please send us a message and we will be in touch!  

Give SAFE, clean,

Drinking Water

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Our communities have identified a number of programs that they feel could be of benefit in building a stronger and more sustainable living environment. Some areas we are currently assessing include:        


work that is already making a difference...

  • Improvement of the school learning environment by tiling classroom floors, installing electricity, fans & lights, providing new whiteboards, markers & erasers to classrooms and sporting uniforms & equipment to promote sport activities.
  • Improvement of learning resources with refurbished computers for student use and provision of 180 English textbooks to support English language lessons, improving students' skills and effectiveness of lessons.
  • Development of school playgrounds, a permanent community pond and a new, flood-free football field for year-round use, reducing significant health risks and increasing incentive for children to come to school.
  • Provision of ceramic water filters to impoverished families in the community to give them a continuous source of clean, safe drinking water, resulting in significant health improvements and financial savings for the families.
  • Sponsorship support for education to 65 children in the 2014/15 school year and 120 children in the 2015/16 school year.



health check program for school children;

permanent water filtration system to provide clean drinking water for villages in the community;

a reading & writing extension program to give those children who missed out on school an opportunity to reach a level where they can join the mainstream schooling system;

a community based adult literacy program;​

a new classroom block to replace a derelict classroom block at the school, which is currently unsafe and unusable.

Help to provide a new classroom block for children to gain an education. 


to build a stronger, more sustainable  community


Give a nutrition hamper to a family that will help to improve their health and wellbeing.​​​​

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Projects Under Development