In-Country Coordinator, Cambodia

Cassie has been fortunate to visit a number of countries including England, Scotland, Canada, the USA and Cambodia.  She is aware of many of the differences in the lives of children in the ‘first’ world compared with those in the ‘third’ world.  She has a deep compassion, and a desire to help others that is not limited by the constraints of ‘what is possible’. She provides a fount of energy and commitment to the Foundation.​
Kris qualified as a Music Teacher in 1987.  After working as an instrumental music teacher for 4 years, she made a career change to office/business management in 1992.  Kris spent 10 years working as a Legal Secretary/Practice Manager with a law practice specialising in property and contract law.  In 2003, she moved to a business management/development role across the multiple business interests of a national group of companies.  During her 20+ year working history, Kris has developed a broad administrative skill base across business communication, policy and system development, project management, marketing, finance and human resources.
Kris has a deep personal desire to help others by improving access to opportunities.  Her special concern is for young girls in the poorest communities, as they are often given the least chance to access education and have choices in their lives. 

glen winkler

B Mgmt, FGLF

Founding Director, BBFF  Advisor

Geoffrey Adam


Founding Director, BBFF Advisor

sue winkler

B App Sc (Physio), M Phys (Neurol)

Founding Director, Social Media Manager, Project Research Officer

Kris Matzick

B Ed (Music)

Founding Director & Public Officer, Business Administrator,  Child Sponsorship Manager

Geoffrey is an experienced property and commercial lawyer based in Adelaide, South Australia.  After many years working in private practice, he moved to the position of CEO of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers’ SA Division in 2002. Geoffrey has written various handbooks and articles on conveyancing-related issues and regularly gives presentations to lawyers, licensed conveyancers and real estate agents.   He has also given presentations both nationally and internationally on governance and the impact of social media on the business model.  He now works as Special Projects Consultant to the AICSA, specialising in E-conveyancing reforms.
In recent years, Geoffrey has sought to develop activities designed to improve the economic well-being and education for communities within Cambodia.
Sue is a Physiotherapist with a background in neurological rehabilitation, particularly after spinal cord injury.  She spent 11 years working in the public hospital system, the majority of this as Senior Physiotherapist for the Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Service at Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre in Adelaide, South Australia.  Since the birth of her children, Sue has been working in the private sector providing rehabilitation services for clients with neurological complaints.
Sue is grateful for the opportunities that she received to gain a good education and is aware that these opportunities are not available to the majority of children around the world.  She is committed to supporting access to education through BBFF and has a desire to inspire her children, Cassie and Josh, to help others throughout their lives.​


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Honorary Junior Director,  Youth Advisor & Consultant


Honorary Junior Director, Youth Advisor & Consultant

Phirom was born in Cambodia and has grown up in the area surrounding Siem Reap.  He was given the opportunity to attend school due to the support of a sponsor – this allowed him to complete his high school education. 
Phirom began working in the tourism industry as a driver/guide, learning English from his customers along the way.  He completed his qualification as a Tour Guide in 2003 and has been guiding tours for travel companies as well as organising tours privately since that time.  He particularly enjoys leading volunteer tour groups, where the participants spend some of their time assisting the community through working on projects.  In his private tour work, he has made these types of tours a priority.
Phirom is passionate about his country and his people.  He is thankful for the opportunity for a brighter future that he was given, and has a strong desire to pay it forward to children who otherwise would have little chance to rise from their impoverished circumstances.  ​
Josh is also fortunate to have visited England, Scotland, Canada, the USA and Cambodia and is keenly aware of the lack of opportunities available to many of the children he met in Cambodia.  He has a strong sense of social justice and would like to see the balance adjusted to allow young people around the world to have similar experiences of a safe and healthy environment and a good education. 
Glen is State General Manager for South Australia and the Northern Territory with Telstra Corporation. He manages key customer and stakeholder relationships with Government and large scale Commercial organisations through strategic account management, technology leadership and telecommunication service delivery functions. Glen's career spans over 25 years across government, health and professional services sectors.
Glen's passion for community service has seen him hold board, executive and volunteer positions with the SA Country Fire Service, Royal District Nursing Service, Muscular Dystrophy SA, Ice Hockey SA and Wheelchair Sports Association. He is committed to supporting BBFF to achieve its objectives through innovative solutions, strong collaboration with local communities and sound financial management.