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About the Globes

BBFF partnered with Nokero for this project.  The retail cost of the globes in Australia ranges from $35 - $50 AUD per globe.  Nokero kindly agreed to provide globes at their wholesale rate to allow us to maximise the value of every dollar raised.  

Nokero (short for "No Kerosene") 'designs, manufactures and collectively distributes safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly solar based technologies'.  Its solar lights are 'high-quality and low-cost, eliminating the need for harmful and polluting fuels around the world.'

It states that our chosen light globe, the N220 'Shavano', will run for up to 8 hours when fully charged.  It is designed to leave outside during the day to recharge and can be angled to catch maximum light on its solar panel.  There is an 'On/Off' switch and two light levels - 'High' at 31 lumens and 'Low' at 14 lumens, which offers enough light to replace a standard interior globe.


The benefits of providing reliable solar lighting are many.  The light is clearer than from kerosene lamps and the poisonous fumes and associated risk of fire are avoided.  The solar globes are much cheaper for families to run than car batteries.  Car batteries require recharging after approximately 2 to 3 hours, entailing significant cost.  The solar globes are free to recharge using sunlight and will last for up to 8 hours of use between charging. 

Images sourced from Nokero Website

About the Project


This rural community has no access to electricity.  Some families use car batteries for power.  Others use kerosene lamps for light, despite the danger of fire and fumes in their small palm-leaf huts.  Still others have no lighting after nightfall, as they cannot afford to buy fuel or recharge batteries. We came across a portable, solar light globe which looked like it would provide a sustainable, clean, safe and cost-efficient form of lighting for the community.  From here, we set up a pilot project to raise enough funds to provide solar light globes to 30 families from one village in the community. 

Provision of safe, reliable light in homes during the evenings would allow families to interact after nightfall without the risks and cost of kerosene or recharging of car batteries for power.  Each globe is dust and weatherproof, with a lifespan of up to five years, meaning a wonderful return in quality of life for a relatively low cost.

The pilot project was a success, with recipients very pleased to be able to access light during the night hours.  Children were able to study and families could check their babies, elderly and sick children during the night.  The globe was also used to light their way home from friends and family.   BBFF undertook a subsequent crowdfunding campaign, which raised enough money to purchase an additional 144 globes.  These were handed out across other villages within Sra Srong community and we are very proud to be able to say that we have now given safe, clean, cost-effective lighting to a whole community.



To provide safe and cost-effective lighting in the form of Nokero N220 light globes for families living without electricity.


The pilot project was fully funded by Unplug 2014, with the globes delivered in Nov 2014.  A subsequent crowdfunding campaign raised sufficient funds to provide another 144 solar globes to light the whole community in 2015.


We greatly appreciate the support and generosity of those who helped the initial pilot program and those who contributed to our subsequent fundraising campaign.  Your input has made a significant difference to the lving situation of many families in the community.  A fantastic effort!

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