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A big 'THANK YOU' to our Donors who generously funded this project.  They recognise the importance of having a defined childhood and the part that 'play' and having 'fun' has in the growing up process.  We are very grateful to everyone for their support in giving the children at the school a chance for a brighter future.

About the Project


When we first visited the Primary School, we found lots of bare yard but no play equipment for the children during their breaks.  This was in vast contrast with the variety of recreational facilities offered in our schools at home.  

Knowing the energy young children have and the joy and excitement they get from playing on swings and slides, we thought these might be a good step in creating an inclusive and nurturing learning environment for the children.

Two playgrounds were built, each comprising 4 swings and 1 slide.  The equipment was designed with the voluntary assistance of a local engineer and made by a steel fabricator in Siem Reap.  The local community provided labour to prepare the foundations and to concrete the equipment into place. 


Playgrounds may not seem important in the scheme of things.  However, sport and recreational activities have their place in building social skills, teamwork and awareness of others.  As well as bringing some joy and happiness to the daily school life of the children, the playgrounds have played an important part in developing self-confidence that contributes to a stronger and more cohesive community. 


In the weeks following the installation of the swings and slides, the joy and laughter during playtime was a lovely addition to the school yard. The Head Teacher remarked that more children seemed to be staying at school during the day and believed the playgrounds had made the difference. The feeling within the school community has become noticeably more inviting and inclusive since the playgrounds arrived. 

school playgrounds - march 2013


To provide recreational activities for children during playtime and develop community spirit within the school community.


This project was completed in March 2013.