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  • a natural pond took up one corner, which the children and families used for washing and watering domestic crops.  Unfortunately, runoff from the next door pig farm polluted the water, creating a major health hazard for all who used it.
  • a large playing field sat in a depression and flooded during the wet season, meaning it could not be used for much of the year.

A solution was developed to create a new, deeper pond away from the pig farm, which would provide a cleaner and more permanent water supply for community use.  The excavated soil from the new pond would be used to fill in the old pond area and create a larger, flood-free field for the children to play football and volleyball all year round. Materials for the pig farmer to build alternative drainage for his pigs was also provided.

Both the school and the community were very excited by the prospect of having a cleaner, permanent water supply for community use year round.  The deeper catchment would help to alleviate general flooding in surrounding areas during the wet season.  In time, the community would like to use the pond to farm fish for food and sale.

The added bonus for the school was that a significant area of previously unusable space in the school grounds was now be able to be used all year 'round for a range of school activities and programs.  As well as having a place for children to play both football and volleyball, the teachers believed they would also have a section where they could plant a 'teaching' garden for students to learn how to grow vegetables. 


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To minimise the health risks posed by waste entering the existing school pond; to provide a permanent water supply for the school and community; to provide a football field that can be used year-round.


This Project was completed in November 2013.


THANK YOU to all our wonderful Donors who helped to make this project happen.  Your generous support is greatly appreciated.

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About the Project

The Primary School was unable to use a large portion of its outdoor area due to two main issues: